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Hommes & Performance

Profile of the Member

Responsible person for the networkValérie Zorzi
Name of managing partner(s), executive director(s)Pierre Daru, Philippe Limbourg, François Frilley, Jean-Yves Catin
Total number of consultants10
Number of associate management consultants (at least one entire assignment together)5


Corporate strategy
Mergers & acquisitions
New business startup
Organisational design & leadership
Change management
Management systems improvement
Capability building
Digital & IT transformation
Operations & process optimisation

Type of clients/branches (industry areas)

Consumer goods, food and agriculture
Chemical, pharma
Retail, wholesale
IT, telecommunication
Banking, finance and insurance
Service industries, entertainment, tourism, health
Public administration, non profit organisations
Investment goods, real estate, energy, raw materials

Consulting products or service packages (self-developed)

Sales network performance

Finance and human capital

Management control

Change Management

Corpotate university

International practice (foreign countries where assignments were completed; in order of priority)

  • France
  • Belgium
  • Morocco

Language ability in the firm

  • French
  • English

Mission statement / consulting philosophy

We see ourselves as achievement facilitators.

We are a consulting boutique, a team of experienced management consultants who help managers and teams to bring their ambitions and transformation projects to life.

Our approach:

Provide a compass: Take paths enlightened by a purpose in a world where codes and waypoints are changing.

Give access to speech: Speak clearly and openly and secure acceptance of situations in order to revitalize.

Enable everyone to find a place: Reveal each person's energy and give it a personal and collective purpose.

Help to dare: Make the dreams of our clients, business leaders, project leaders and associates accessible realities. 

Credentials (short description of some typical assignments)

After the implementation of the Group Managers Charter, our client decides to revamp and ajust accordingly its Management Development Program (12 000 managers). 

  • Form and manage a multidisciplinary project team.
  • Collect managers and exec visions and identify individuals and business needs through interviews.
  • Facilitate collaborative workshops on vision, mission, operating principles, scope, global and local approaches, budget system, offer, communication plan...
  • Get inspired with benchmarks through VIPs testimonials (directors of corporate universities of large international groups).

Our client, a major player in mass distribution in France and Europe, has a network of independent businesses, supplied with products and central services by the group. Before starting their new life as an entrepreneur, candidates have to join an Action Learning program in order to help them with their professional retraining. With the first lockdown and its consequences on motivation and engagement, the group decides to give additional support to its «to be» business owners.

  • On a voluntary basis, candidates are offered a weekly individual and collective remote support. 
  • The ritualized multimodal programme proposes a diversity of focused «tempo» sessions such as individual coaching, small group problem solving workshops, opt in meetings, co-development.

Selection of important and well known clients (location)

Roche Bobois
Radio France, 
La Banque Postale 

Partners / senior consultants short profile

«From my very first Legos to the most complexe information and organization systems through my engineer training, the path remains the same: co-construct in order to transform an idea into a concrete result with an effective value.

Master with precision the methods (management, organization…) and technics (systems, digital…), including the most innovative so they seem easy to implement for our clients, is a prerequisite always upgraded and… challenged.»

«Having had the chance to try out a broad-spectrum of business functions, missions, dimensions and contexts, I hold a systemic look on professional situations. It speaks for me on the business vision I have.

After few decades of resistance, I have succeeded to shift my need for meaning from exigence to a simple quest.»

«The knife of the walker I am, is my best friend: to trim my wooden stick, to slice my loaf of bread and open an optional bottle…

Multitasking, handy on every ground, mountain trails or small greek paths. Reliable, simple and efficient, it is essential.

I have always envisioned my job for more than twenty years up to its image. I have had to adapt, on multiple functions and in various environments to conceive tailor-made solutions to recruit, evaluate and devel op leaders and managers in their collaboration skills.»

«The path to realize the full potential of an idea, an organization. There is whole value of consulting as I like to practice it.

In my vision, working on the path is equally a reality, a pragmatic question “where to pass through, which direction to follow ?” or a moment to nurture the culture, the individual and collective energy level of my clients. 

The quality of the relationships thus created, is for me a source of openings, of risk taking, of innovation which spread durably onto the results.»

«Meeting people, mixes and blends, that’s what I love! Being connected, always in touch with the environment and its diversity… I am a multi-socket plug. 

I like to help everyone to develop their curiosity about others, helping a collective to confront ideas and practices, merging individual and collective approaches. 

I like to be connected with the system. To capture trends, be inspired or jostled, to be able to challenge the too well established if necessary; to act, succeed (or not) and always learn.»

Hommes & Performance
17, rue de Châteaudun
75 009 Paris
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Contact +33 1 42 85 49 49