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The Business-Rakes Club held its 36th meeting


On April 21 a thirty-sixth meeting of the Business-Rakes Club took place. It was conducted in a hybrid format: the guests could choose to attend it online or in person. The Experts also followed this rule of attendance. The event was traditionally held in the «House of Architecture». This time Andrei Shioshvili, the founder of We.Fly, spoke to the audience of entrepreneurs.


We.Fly is a flight simulation training centre.


In the We.Fly simulator you can fly over different countries while sitting in a real plane’s cockpit. This is not an amusement ride, but a full-fledged simulator, which will please not only flight professionals, but also amateurs and children. Andrew's flight simulator has realistic and high-quality graphics, a wide projection screen, a platform with vibration, and an instrument panel. The cabin in We.Fly a full-size recreation for up to 4 people. You can fly over America, The United Arab Emirates, Canada, Austria, Russia, France and other countries.


The experts found the We.Fly project to be very peculiar but at the same time competitive . Many experienced Club members recommended Andrei to create a franchise out of it and then sell it in perspective regions. Some experts advised the We.Fly founder to focus on the production and sales of similar flight simulators, because it is profitable and, in their opinion, ideologically closer to Andrei himself.


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