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The world is changing, so are the consulting companies. Representatives of some Russian consulting companies shared with us the way they are going through quarantine and isolation.


1. “We’ve launched a variety of remote activities earlier, so for now we're working as planned: producing short videos and trying to promote crowdfunding project. We have also started the new stage of distance evaluation for the Russian Government Award, it requires a lot of resources. Some projects are over, we’ve signed the termination of the contract and there will be no continuation, it is already obvious. There are no new clients for now and there probably will not be for a long time, we’ve prepared ourselves morally for this and are discussing ways to proceed under such conditions. There are proposals to become a full-time employee of some clients, perhaps some of the staff will be switched to this option.”


“We arrange a lot of remote conferences in ZOOM among ourselves, with clients and for webinars. It is very convenient. We keep working on articles. There is always a lot of work that is postponed, while the project is active phase.


The consulting seems to be transforming somehow. But we do not intend to go to online consulting yet. We'll look for some other opportunity, but in the meantime, we feel quite happy that a year and a half ago we decided to give up the office, now this problem does not exist for us, and the remote format of teamwork has already been worked out by now.”


“We entered the third session of the restaurant closing consultations. The first one was in 2009, then in 2014, and here we go again. Except for the first two times, the consultations were on site, and now - via WhatsApp and Facebook. Ex-clients are asking for advice what to do in this situation.”


“We've been working remotely since 2009. So almost nothing has changed for us. Some clients are using Viber, others prefer WhatsApp. But the highest activity is on Telegram.”


“The work hasn't changed much: we have been working remotely for three years. Our clients are coping with the situation. We got our American Customers working on the coronovirus test, now they are working on the vaccine development. They work around the clock, almost no one sleeps. We're in the same mode, except in a remote mode...”


“We're working remotely and don't visit our clients at all, keeping contact either by phone, or WhatsApp, or ZOOM. Some projects got cancelled. Some of the contracts are frozen. Clients practically stopped paying.


“We keep in touch with our team by the same internet means. It's quite convenient. A lot of work is being done on our website design, and a new book was recently published.


We are in negotiations with the office owner regarding the reduction of the rental rate. Probably, we'll have to give up the office. Now we're thinking about options.


Our clients got a 50% discount for April-May so they could keep working with us.


Payments to all employees have been cut in half. The goal is to keep the financial resources for as long as possible.”


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