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A case about business growth


One of the largest construction and public works groups in Portugal requested Mercal to develop a strategic plan for their companies, their subsidiaries as well as their participated companies currently located in Portugal, Angola and Algeria. The impetus behind this was to consider the group’s future in order to it to be able to cope with the current tough economic situation and their positioning in actual markets, in addition to promoting the business strategy and future organisation regarding the internalisation process and business development.

Consulting Approach

In the context of meetings with the board of executive directors, a strategic diagnosis was made and steps that needed to be taken were identified. It became clear that   new business opportunities had to be considered in new markets using the currently available international presence. Additionally, development and implementation of the planning activity of the group and for each subsidiary and participated company was required, followed by a plan of actions with the application of a balance scorecard. Moreover, it was established that it was necessary to develop the organisational strategy and management change to be in a position to meet future needs and capabilities as well as to develop a financial plan and corporate evaluation to meet expected needs of finance resources regarding foreign investment.

Key factors for success

Due to a tight collaboration with the board of executive directors, consistency of the goals, objectives and the methodology used were ensured. By the application of a deep dive into the methodology, all executive directors shared all information that was provided and could therefore master every step. By providing training sessions with the management team, their alignment was assured, which was an important part of the strategic process.


The vision, mission, objectives, actions and the strategic KPI are now a business reality within the whole group of companies. The integration into the budget process ensures that the new perspectives are both meaningful and consistent as well as functioning to sustain the business growth at an international level. A new organisation chart for the group of companies with a new professional executive board and job descriptions provides global and successful international marketing strategy and country management. Finally, best practices of corporate governance assure potential future venture capital or equity partners.

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